Non-Slip Snow Shoe Spikes Grips Cleats

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Always think about your safety when going on a hike, especially on ice! Even if you have full gear on, you can still never tell how safe you can be. And one of the most important pieces of equipment to have are the Non-Slip Snow Shoe Spikes Grips Cleats. These cleats have silicone studs that are non-slip as they provide you with a good grip on the ground. No need for buckles or adhesive as they are elastic. Simply pull them around your shoes to secure them there. Avoid accidents like getting slipped on the ground by wearing these pair of cleats on your shoes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Will keep you safe and walk with balance on snow or icy ground
  • Provides you with a good grip on the snow
  • Elastic rubber material
  • With steel thorny claws at the bottom
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Easy to put on and to remove
  • Lightweight and very elastic
  • Available in sizes from 3-13 UK size
  • Only takes seconds to set up and take off
  • Stretch-on traction footgear for ice and snow






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