Interactive Electric Fish Cat Toy with Realistic Design & USB Charging

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Color: JUMP AND USB Cable
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Delight your feline friend with our Interactive Electric Fish Cat Toy! It's a toy designed to engage and entertain your cat, keeping boredom and loneliness at bay when you're not around.

This cat toy is designed to respond to touch automatically. Just a simple tap from your cat triggers the toy to move and swing, simulating the movements of a real fish. This unique feature is sure to captivate your cat's interest and inspire hours of playful activity.

The fish design has been created using 3D printing technology, resulting in a hyper-realistic appearance that will pique your cat's curiosity. The toy's construction has been improved with a zipper-style belly, making it easy to turn on the switch and preventing the fish from bursting during playtime.

Crafted from cotton and short plush, this cat toy is soft to the touch and gentle on your cat's paws, making it perfect for biting, chewing, and kicking. Once playtime is over, your cat might even enjoy curling up for a nap with their new fishy friend!

As a bonus, we've included catnip with your purchase. Most cats can't resist the unique scent of catnip, and it can help relieve your cat's frustration and stress.

Features & Benefits:

  • TOUCH-ACTIVATED: Toy automatically moves and swings when touched.
  • REALISTIC DESIGN: 3D printed fish looks incredibly lifelike to engage your cat.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: Zipper-style belly prevents toy damage during vigorous play.
  • SOFT & SAFE: Made from gentle materials perfect for biting, chewing, and cuddling.
  • BONUS CATNIP: Comes with catnip to entice play and relieve stress.


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