Folding Knife with Replaceable Utility Blade: Perfect for Cable, Cartons and Cardboard Boxes Cutting - Zinc Alloy Handle, Locking Blades, Outdoor Tool

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Introducing our Folding Knife, the perfect utility blade for all your cutting needs. This knife is especially designed to cut through cable, cartons, and cardboard boxes with ease, making it an essential tool for everyday use.

Crafted from high carbon stainless steel, the blade is not only durable but also sharp, capable of making precise cuts. It comes with 3 replaceable spare blades, allowing you to maintain the knife's functionality over time. With a blade angle of less than or equal to 60 degrees, you can achieve efficient cutting with minimal effort.

The knife features a zinc alloy handle that offers a comfortable and secure grip. The handle length of 11.3cm and full length of 18.2cm make it compact enough for carrying around. It's lightweight at just 148g, adding to its portability.

Safety is a key feature of this folding knife. The blade locks securely when opened, preventing accidental closures that could lead to injuries. When not in use, the knife folds into a compact size of 123mm for safe storage.

Features & Benefits:

  • PRECISION CUTTING: High carbon steel blade for precise and efficient cutting.
  • REPLACEABLE BLADES: Comes with 3 spare blades to maintain cutting efficiency.
  • DURABLE HANDLE: Features a zinc alloy handle for a comfortable grip.
  • LOCKING BLADE: Ensures safety with a locking mechanism when opened.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Weighs just 148g for easy portability.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Folds into a small size for safe storage and transport.
  • VERSATILE TOOL: Perfect for cutting cable, cartons, cardboard boxes, and more.




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