4"/6" Inch Chainsaw Adapter Tool For Electric Drill - Portable Conversion Head Kits for Woodworking Pruning

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The 4/6 Inch Electric Drill to Electric Chainsaw Adapter Tool is the perfect solution for woodworking and pruning projects. With this portable conversion head kit, you can easily convert your electric drill into an electric chainsaw. The kit includes all the necessary parts, including a 4/6 inch drill adapter, a universal adapter, and a chainsaw bar. With its durable and robust construction, you can be sure that this tool will stand up to the toughest of jobs. Make your woodworking and pruning projects easier than ever with this electric drill to electric chainsaw conversion kit.


  • Saw Type: chain saw
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Certification: CE
  • Requires an electric drill with 2500 rpm or more Work Demonstration 


  1. Ease of use: Compared to traditional electric chainsaws, this chainsaw is more portable and easier to store.
  2. EASY TO MODIFY: With this modification toolset, you don't need to buy a new electric chainsaw; you just need to spend a little time modifying it, saving you money and time.
  3. Power drill to chainsaw adapter
  4. Compatible with most drill chucks.
  5. The fuselage has 3 apertures where handles can be installed, making the work more flexible.

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