St Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Police Officer Bronze Coin

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The St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Police Officer Bronze Coin is a must-have for any police officer or law enforcement enthusiast! This high-quality coin is a shining symbol of strength, bravery, and justice, just like the patron saint it's named after. This coin features a striking image of St. Michael, the archangel who leads the charge against evil and protects those who serve and protect. With its weighty feel and intricate detailing, this coin is the perfect addition to any collection, whether displayed on a shelf or carried in a pocket. 

Features & Benefits:

  • High-quality feel
  • Intricate detailing and design for an eye-catching addition to any collection
  • Comes with a protective case to keep the coin in pristine condition
  • Can be carried in a pocket or displayed on a shelf
  • A powerful symbol of strength, bravery, and justice
  • Makes a great gift for police officers or law enforcement enthusiasts
  • Represents the dedication and sacrifices made by those who serve and protect
  • A timeless and valuable addition to any collection or memorabilia.



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